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Captain Clyde's Safety Pin #10: Don't Let a Slip be a Hospital Trip!

Don't Let a Slip be a Hospital Trip

Today's Safety Sunday Tip is: Don't let a slip be a hospital trip!

An accident is defined as an undesired event that leads to an actual loss or injury to a person, property, or equipment. GMC personnel and shipboard crews must be aware of the significance of safety measures and how to apply it routinely at work. Even though accidents can usually be avoided, they still occur onboard vessels from time to time.

The deck of a ship is one of the major accident-prone areas onboard. Deck operations involve numerous risks and dangers that can easily pave the way for an accident to occur. One of the best ways to avoid such accidents is to be aware of personal safety and enhance and maintain a good safety culture while onboard.

The most common type of accident that occurs during deck operations are slips and falls. Slips can easily take place at any moment and likely when activity is happening on deck. Falls are most common while working at different heights. These accidents are not as silly as they sound, as slips and falls cause injuries ranging from severe physical damage to fatality. The main reasons that slips and falls occur are:

  • Slippery deck
  • Improper use of catwalks
  • Missing grating, railings, and stanchions
  • Missing warning signs
  • Improper PPE, especially safety shoes and safety harness
  • Lack of situational awareness
  • Lack of awareness of the job
  • Absence of a JSA

Most often, these accidents can be best avoided by:

  • Cleaning up after work and keeping the deck free from oil and other slippery substances
  • Following designated catwalks and correct passages on the main deck and avoiding shortcuts
  • Using proper non-skid safety shoes on deck
  • Using a safety harness while working on heights
  • Practicing safety and situational awareness
  • Analyzing the hazards and risks that are associated with the job and understanding the nature of possible accidents before commencing the job.

Be anchored to safety and don't let a slip be a hospital trip!

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