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Captain Clyde's Safety Sunday #18: Be a Safety Champion!

Be a Safety Champion

Are you a safety champion?

Safety champions are the "beating heart" of a robust health and safety culture. They are passionate about safety, take an active role at safety meetings, and lead by example among their peers. When's the last time you attended a safety meeting led by your supervision? DON'T RAISE YOUR HAND!

Anyone can be a safety champion— it might be one of our operations folks who are skilled at supporting safe behavior. At another one of our locations, it could be an accountant who pushes for cutting-edge human error training. IT COULD HAPPEN, JUST SAYIN'!

It isn't easy to replicate these champions' keen awareness, insight, and enthusiasm for safety. Still, it's possible to spot our employees who could be the next safety champion if they only had a little additional encouragement. No two workplace safety champions are identical, but almost every one of them has at least one standout quality that helps them excel. Remember this: safety champions usually lead by example. They are always looking out for the well-being of others. They are consistent in their actions 24/7. They are superstars who demonstrate concern for other people's well-being regardless of the circumstance. Safety champions in executive positions will create safety policies that guarantee every employee receives proper orientation and training. They will also ensure that regular safety visits are scheduled, and training is updated as needed.

And last but not least, I have found that safety champions are people who encourage others to do their absolute best. Do YOU resemble any of these character traits of a safety champion? 

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Saturday, 02 March 2024