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3 Criteria for Choosing a Helicopter Contractor

3 Criteria for Choosing a Helicopter Contractor

How to Choose the Right Helicopter Contractor 

In the Gulf of Mexico, helicopter transport plays a pivotal role in delivering both personnel and equipment to an otherwise secluded area of the world. While helicopters have long been a part of deepwater drilling and exploration, their usage continues today as oil rigs move farther offshore creating a demand for air transport.

A helicopter contractor can meet your company's specific needs by flying out crew and equipment in a cost-effective and efficient way. How exactly do you secure the right helicopter contractor for your company? We've compiled a short list of considerations to help you evaluate whether a contractor is reliable:


There's nothing more important than safety when it comes to choosing the right helicopter contractor. After all, solid safety procedures can ensure the well-being of the crew, passengers, and cargo. 

When your company is exploring which contractor to use, make sure to inquire about their safety record. Ask about the age of their fleet as well as their maintenance policy for the helicopters. Do they have qualified maintenance technicians on staff? There are mandatory maintenance schedules outlined by federal regulations that should be treated with the utmost importance. Your company can ask to see a maintenance record of a particular helicopter. The contractor should be ready and willing to share information and history, as well as established safety procedures.


The safety of your company's personnel and goods lies largely in the hands of the helicopter pilot. You should expect the pilot to be highly trained in aviation and familiar with logistics. The contractor will be able to show proof of the commercial helicopter pilot's license, as well as any additional certification. Ask about the pilots' history and experience with your specific needs. 

While you collect detailed information about pilots' history and experience, familiarize yourself with the contractor's flying policies. How many pilots are part of the company? What is their pilot rotation policy? Do they have a pilot license renewal policy? The more informed you are on their operational policies, the more confident you will be that you are choosing the correct contractor for your company.


Since helicopter transport relies on the fact that it is quick and efficient, it's important to choose a contractor that meets your needs in terms of location and availability.

If you are transporting crews, take into consideration the distance from airports and hotels that your personnel will be arriving from. Does the location make sense for your timeline and rotational needs? Does the contractor have the ability and means to properly service your account? Consider using a company that can easily substitute aircraft just in case the need arises. The more prepared a contractor is for any given situation, the more secure you can feel that your equipment and personnel will arrive safely and on time.

Finding a helicopter contractor can be an exciting step for your company. Focusing on safety, pilot experience, and overall availability can help you narrow down the search.
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