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Port Vs Starboard

To navigate the open ocean safely, it is important to understand a ship's location and orientation in relation to other objects (especially other ships). Thus, mariners use terms like "port" and "starboard" to communicate with each other and other vessels. These two terms have a long history in the maritime industry, but their meanings and function...
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Free Trade Zone vs Foreign Trade Zone

The terms "foreign trade zone" and "free trade zone" are often used interchangeably in the logistics industry, but they are not the same. The most significant difference between a foreign-trade zone and a free-trade zone lies in the location and the manufacturing process. Knowing the difference between the two can mean reduced costs, minimized bure...
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How Do Heavy-Lift Ships Work?

What is a Heavy-Lift Ship?   The heavy-lift ship is a cargo vessel that is designed to load and transport heavy, non-standardized cargoes that cannot be disassembled into smaller parts. There are several types of heavy-lift ships: semi-submersible ships, project cargo ships, open deck cargo ships, and dock ships. The concept of heavy-lift ship...
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Captain Clyde's Safety Pin #21: Stay Ahead of Workplace Stress

​ Today's Safety Sunday Tip is: Stay Ahead of Workplace Stress! The psychological effects of stress seriously reduce the life quality of our employees. Some common symptoms of stress include: Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, worried, or guilty Being irritable or unhappy Losing confidence and decisiveness Having negative or racing thoughts Memo...
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C1-D Visa: Who needs it, and how long does it last?

The C1-D is a combination visa for people who need to board a ship as a crew member and must travel through the U.S. to get to the vessel. The visa permits temporary stays, up to 29 days, in the United States as part of their employment.   What is a C1-D visa?   ​The C1-D visa is a combination of two visas: the C1 transit visa is a non-im...
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Captain Clyde's Safety Pin #20: Guard Against CO - Thee Silent Killer

Today's Safety Sunday tip is: Guard against CO- the silent killer! CO is the silent killer. The toxic, undetectable gas is not visible and has no smell— making it extremely difficult to notice in the event of a leak. There are many ways carbon monoxide can be brought into the workplace or even to our homes. Gas-powered generators, furnaces, boilers...
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Captain Clyde's Safety Pin#19: Pay Attention, or You Might Get Hit!

Today's Safety Sunday tip is: Pay attention, or you might get hit! Whenever a person asks me what happened to someone during an accident, one of the most frequent responses I give is that people simply don't pay close enough attention to what they are doing. Inattention to your surroundings and being distracted leads to injury, just as much as faul...
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Captain Clyde's Safety Sunday #18: Be a Safety Champion!

Are you a safety champion? Safety champions are the "beating heart" of a robust health and safety culture. They are passionate about safety, take an active role at safety meetings, and lead by example among their peers. When's the last time you attended a safety meeting led by your supervision? DON'T RAISE YOUR HAND! Anyone can be a safety champion...
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The Biden Administration and the United States' Energy Sector

In his first week in office, President Biden has made several decisions to further his ambitious goal of moving the U.S. economy towards net-zero emissions by 2050. Those executive orders include reentering the Paris Climate Accord and dropping the Keystone XL pipeline. While policies are changing daily, we look at the impact of these decisions on ...
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Captain Clyde's Safety Pin #17: When on the Clock, Respect the Dock

Today's Safety Sunday Tip is: When on the Clock, Respect the Dock! With so many moving pieces potentially in play, ensuring loading dock safety at our warehouses, yards, and ports can be challenging. Not only is it imperative to make sure all team members are trained in dock safety, but it's also crucial that these measures are enforced. Here are a...
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Captain Clyde's Safety Pin #16: Use You Brain, Work Cautiously in the Rain!

Today's Safety Sunday tip is: Use Your Brain, Work Cautiously in the Rain! There comes a time and place where your job may require you to work in the rain. Working in the rain can cause specific hazards such as poor visibility and wet, slippery surfaces. Wet and windy conditions can intensify these potential hazards at a worksite. It's also riskier...
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​ (Houston, Texas) Gulf Marine Contractors (GMC) announced today the appointment of Imtiaz Nazir-Khaleel as the company's Managing Director for Trinidad, Guyana, and Suriname. Mr. Nazir-Khaleel will support GMC's growing global footprint, providing logistics and support services throughout the Caribbean and South America. "We are excited to have Im...
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Captain Clyde's Safety Pin #15: Look Cool by Staying Warm

Today's Safety Sunday tip is: Look Cool by Staying Warm Everyone can help prevent cold weather-related stress in the workplace. An informed and prepared employee can be better equipped to handle cold stress by regularly checking weather and temperature reports and utilizing personal protective equipment (PPE) like thermal gloves, waterproof thermal...
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Captain Clyde's Safety Pin #14: Look Up and Live!

​ Today's Safety Sunday Tip is: Look up and Live! Moving large, heavy loads is a central part of today's maritime industry. Advanced technology has been developed to improve safety onboard vessels, and careful training with extensive workplace precautions are in place. Our employees should always be mindful of significant safety issues, both for th...
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GMC Donates to Houston-Area Non-Profit Organizations

(Houston, Texas) Gulf Marine Contractors (GMC), a leading global integrated offshore logistics service provider, is giving back to the community this holiday season with a number of donations to local charities. These donations are attuned with GMC's Global Sustainability Program, which in part focuses on giving back financially to the company's lo...
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Captain Clyde's Safety Pin #13: Ice and Snow...Take it Slow!

Today's Safety Sunday Tip is: Ice and Snow…Take it Slow! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! It's that time of year again, and even though many of us don't experience truly harsh cold weather like some do in certain parts of our country, I wanted to touch base with you on the subject of winter driving. Whether it's a part of your job or yo...
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Understanding Levelized Cost of Energy

There's a term that you are sure to hear around the renewable energy industry- Levelized cost of energy (LCOE). Whether you read it in a magazine article or listen about it on the news, the LCOE is one of the most commonly used power generation metrics. Still, while this phrase is used all over the industry, it is often misused or misunderstood. Si...
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Captain Clyde's Safety Pin #12: Keep Afloat With Marine Safety Agencies

Today's Safety Sunday Tip is: Keep Afloat with Marine Safety Agencies The maritime industry is vast in the scope of work performed within it. This work includes the construction, repair, and scrapping of vessels. In our specific line of business, we handle a variety of subsectors, including husbandry services, crew change services, project manageme...
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(Houston, Texas) Gulf Marine Contractors (GMC) is proud to announce the appointment of Peter Finstad as the company's new Executive Vice President. Mr. Finstad's focus will be expanding GMC's logistics services to the offshore energy industry and providing commercial and operations management services to independent vessel owners and charterers. "P...
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Captain Clyde's Safety Pin #11: Never Dismiss a Near Miss

In the marine world, a "near miss" or "close call" is an incident that occurs without inflicting injury or damage. It's easy for us to shrug off and forget these events since "Hey! No one got hurt!" But there is a danger in brushing off such situations. When a "close call" happens, it should immediately send up a red warning flag that something was...
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